Trail Rides

Trail rides are much like expeditions as they are point-to-point, but they are shorter in length and we overnight in a variety of accommodations from castles to small hotels and homestays. There may in some instances be a night or two of comfortable camping mixed in. Trail rides allow you to cover more ground and are often faster-paced, depending on the terrain than longer expeditions.

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Morocco : Merzouga Dunes Adventure
Morocco: Middle Atlas Mountain trail 2021/22
Egypt : Luxor Arabian Adventure 2021
Botswana: Okavango Delta Mobile Safari 2021/22
India: Rajasthan, 2022/2023
Argentina: Salta 2021/22
Argentina: Wild Patagonia 2022
Colombia: Risaralda 2022
Argentina: Salta Cattle Drive 2022/2023
Bosnia Herzogovinia 2022
Spain, Gredos Mountains 2022
Romania: Carpathians, 2022
Albania : Zagoria 2022
Sicily: madonie 2022